Dental Implants: Your Solution For Missing Teeth

Living with tooth loss can be a challenge. Not only is your oral function hindered, but your smile and self-esteem are also hurt. When you have suffered from tooth loss, or have multiple failing teeth, dental implants are an effective solution for replacing what is lost and restoring oral health. At Finger Lakes Dental Care in Henrietta, NY, we offer comprehensive dental implant surgery and now at affordable prices! Get back to your dream smile by scheduling a dental implant consultation today!

A – A single dental implant starts at just $3,999! This exceptional price includes a tooth extraction if needed, surgical placement of the implant post, the abutment, and restoration of the tooth with an aesthetic dental crown.

A – Full mouth dental implants start at $8,500 per arch and include four implants, abutments for each, and a denture prosthesis. This option can return a broken or failing mouth back to full function.

A – Your implant solution is dependent upon your needs. If you are just missing one or a few teeth in different areas of the mouth, a single implant for each tooth might work best. But if multiple teeth are missing or many teeth are failing, full mouth implants can be a solution. By scheduling an appointment with our team, we can help you understand which is best for you.


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What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are so highly sought after because they provide almost full restoration of the mouth when it comes to functionality, security, and aesthetics.

Modern dental implants are versatile and can be used to replace any number of teeth in both the top and bottom arch. We help you make the right choice!

With proper care and cleaning at home, and routine visits to the dentist, your dental implants are made to last, giving you a bright smile for years to come!

Patients who choose dental implants often feel proud of their smile again, can eat their favorite foods without worry, and speak clearly with confidence!

Schedule an Implant Consultation Now!

If you are interested in moving forward with dental implants, the first step is to schedule an implant consultation with our team. We utilize leading technology to evaluate your oral health and will listen to your concerns, questions, hopes, and dreams. This allows us to offer you the best solution to restore your smile, whether it be a single dental implant starting at just $3,999 or a complete arch of new teeth at just $8,500. We have options that can benefit everyone and a team that is committed to giving you the best smile possible!

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